I'm a Finnish researcher interested in social computing. My current research focuses on

  • politics of human-computer interaction and e-democracy
  • supporting collocated interaction
  • the interaction between traditional and new media
  • developing new methods to study society and media using machine learning
  • educational technology and social learning

My perspective combines softer, non-technical side, with tools and ideas from computer science research, such as prototyping, coding, and, machine learning.

My background is in political science, which I studied at the University of Helsinki and gained both Bachelor's and Master's degree. I've also practiced and studied computer science, which I've learned at Nokia Corporation and deepened my knowledge at the University of Helsinki through Bachelor's degree and a Ph.D.

Currently, I'm working at the Aalto University, Department of Computer Science. I'm also the co-founder of Computational Social Science study programme at the University of Helsinki and Rajapinta, the Finnish association for social science and information technology research.