Social sciences

  • Master of Social Science, University of Helsinki (09/2009-05/2011)
  • Bachelor of Social Science, University of Helsinki (09/2006-11/2010)

I studied political science (major) and my minors were statistics and computer science. My emphasis has been on both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and new forms of political participation and political systems.

Computer sciencee

  • Doctor of Science, University of Helsinki (10/2014-01/2018)
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Helsinki (09/2010-09/2014)

I studied computer science and minored statistics and mathematics. I’ve emphasized software development and human-computer interactions in my studies.

Work experience


My research has explored widely human factors in computing and the role of computing in the society I apply mixed methods in my research, including quantitative, qualitative and computational methods. Often there also is some constructive elements.

  • Researcher, Aalto University (06/2011-)
  • Visiting Student Researcher, University of California Berkeley (08/2013-05/2014)
  • Researcher, Nokia Corporation (01/2007-02/2011)

Software industry

I have extensive knowledge on creating interactive system and service prototypes using various technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Python. These tasks included both backend and frontend development.

  • Lead developer, Lentävä Liitutaulu Oy (06/2013-06/2014)
  • Trainee, Nokia Corporation (09/2004-06/2006)
  • Summer trainee, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (06/2009-08/2009)
  • Summer trainee, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (07/2010-09/2010)

Scientific and other activities

  • Co-founder: Computational Social Science minor at University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Science
  • Co-founder and chair, Rajapinta ry; the Finnish association for social research on technology and computational research on social science
  • Reviewer
    • CHI
    • CSCW
    • DIS
    • Interact
    • Nordic Political Science Review
  • Associate chair
    • CHI Late breaking work (2017)
    • CHI Late breaking work (2018)

Constructive work with interactive systems

  • Programming meets music (2015) was a tool allowed students to write code which played music and collaborate among classes developed during EU Hackathon 2015. Collaborators: Nyyti Kinnunen, Henna Silvennoinen and Noora Vainio
  • Sensor and social add-ons to block based languages (2012) was a tool develop to make programming in Scratch-like environments more fancly. Developed during Child creativity Track of EU Hackathon 2012, 1st place. Collaborators: Nyyti Kinnunen and Noora Vainio
  • Kunnanluoja (2012) A game developed in HS Hackathon and published in, the national newspaper in Finland.
  • Code modules (2015)- Software platform which contextualized programming education to other subjects. Recognition award, Finnish e-learning community. Collaborators: Arto Vihavainen
  • The Interdisciplinary Contents in Modeling (2005). Honorable Mention. Collaboratiors Olli Salli and Olli Saarikivi

Open source contributions